Box Office Personnel                         

Coat + Luggage Checkers

EAC Desk Service Representatives

Meeting Room Monitors

Non-Security Personnel

Registration Hosts // Hostesses

Runners // Production Assistants

Ticket Takers

Transportation Coordinators





SECURITY                                    SPECIALITY                                  NON-SECURITY // STAFFING

Access Control Security                                Command Center Officers

Exhibitor Booth Security                                Executive Protection

Catwalk Observation Security                       Incident Response Officers

Crowd Management Personnel                     Motor Officers

Housekeeping Escort Security                      Uniform Police Officers

Loading Dock Security                                  EMT Technicians

Parking Lot Patrol Security                            

Perimeter Patrol Security

Rove Team Security

Talent + VIP Security Escorts                       

LARRY  LOPEZ and  associates

Reliable, Security Management Solutions. 

contract services management         

contract services management          contract services management


For over two decades, we've led the industry with the finest security management consulting services available. Our experts are well experienced in the management of contracted show services.  Regardless of the event type, size or location, our team of industry professionals are well exposed and specialize in coordinating trade shows, special events, live productions, sporting events and music festivals from end-to-end.

Access to reliable local and global resources.

It's all available

in just one call.

We deliver fast and accurate solutions.